T45 Cool Mint

T45 Cool Mint is meant to provide the experienced menthol chewing bag user with an everyday product. It conveys a clear long lasting cold, while the flavours have also been created to last a long time. A complexity in the aromas means that you will not get tired of the mint taste, but it is pleasant to use for a longer time.

Soldat extreme1

Soldat Extreme

Soldat Extreme is not at product for the weak. As the name suggest, this chewing bag has been crafted to meet the requirements of the most experienced chewing bags users. The tobacco blend, the flavours and the intensity has been developed for extreme users and is not recommended for beginners.

The nicotine strong tobacco has been combined with intense mint aromas to give you a punch as well as a long lasting nicotine release. When you open the can and feel the aroma of the fresh mint, you can almost feel the strength just by the flavour of the pouches.

Nicotine is a substance that you have to get used to. When you are using very strong products, as Soldat Extreme, we really stress that this demands that you have a long experience with using nicotine. Soldat Extreme is well within all legal aspects but nicotine is not a toy and this product should be kept out of sight and reach from children.

With this said, we really hope that you will enjoy a chewing bag experience with a punch.

Stockholm Chew

Already when the city of Stockholm was founded in 1252, there was an idea to build a hub for both trade, meetings and transport. Over the years, the city has expanded and changed. The proximity to the airports has provided it with a characteristic skyline and distinguishes the image of Stockholm from many other capitals. The contrast between city center and green areas, with a national park running right through the city, provides a variety and freshness that is difficult to find in other cities.

With that in mind, we wanted to create a chewing bag with a clear character, completely different from everything on the market. ”Stockholm” as a whole has a complexity where the pure flavours meet the imaginative and lively. A tobacco based on pure flavours that are enhanced with the sweetness from licorice and salmiak. The fresh citrus fruits meet up to intensify the feeling and are topped off with light floral notes, so that the whole experience will feel new but also familiar at the same time.


T45 Cold Extreme

This addition to the T45-trio is based on a spearmint and menthol flavour note. A considerate strength and all in all the perfect products for the users whom are used to strong mint products with a high quality nicotine punch.

T45 Cold Mint Extreme is not only giving you the fresh mint and strong nicotine release, it is also giving you a sensation of that cold feeling from a well chilled chewing bag – without restraints in flavour experience that can come with a chewing bag well chilled.