Seven kinds of flowers under the pillow and a flag that may be hoisted all night. Midsummer evening, summer months and simply the light freedom that summer gives the Swedish soul. After surviving the heavy autumn and cold winter, we see how the lawns begin to turn green again and the bird life returns to the now flourishing landscape.

The freedom to be awake all night, preferably in the company of good friends and to be able to walk barefoot over dewy lawns with an undefinable feeling of happiness filling your stomach. We hope that most people are familiar with this feeling, and those who know what we mean can probably remember the scents, tastes and feelings that are in all the expectations that exist in this early morning time. The day can become anything - hopefully sunny, sweet and full of happiness. We can taste the night and feel the cold in the air. A cold that is not really cold, but that gladly makes us want to move closer to our friends and allow us to enjoy summer together.

Morning dew is a snus that intends to capture softness and explosiveness at the same time.

The clear flavours of licorice and violet are balanced with several tastes that bring thoughts and memories to life. Just as summer mornings can make our senses almost burst with emotions, we want Morning dew to provide a taste experience beyond the ordinary. It is a little more, but never too much - a feeling that we do not want to end, that makes us want to stop time and enjoy the wonderful morning dew that covers all the beautiful things that grow in the Swedish nature.