Cool Citrus

We have combined our favorites in VID Cool Citrus. They each have their part in creating a wonderful combination together with a pinch of menthol to enhance the freshness and balance of the acid which is also a natural part of the citrus fruits. VID Cool Citrus is not created to be a super strong product but a product for the real connoisseur. Fairly sweet, fresh mint and with clear overtones of citrus gives us a product for those who want to reduce their other nicotine consumption or who are simply looking for a really tasty nicotine product.

Water Melon

The fresh melon flavours fill our minds and are complemented by invigorating mint notes. Melons have a natural sweetness, and we want their good taste to be an essential part of this nicotinepouch. VID Watermelon makes you experience the taste and feeling of a paradise climate, at least in the mind, whenever and wherever you feel like it. A fast supply of nicotine with a pleasant strength gives you a nice experience, no matter whether you are already used to nicotine pouches or whether you simply cannot or do not want to use conventional tobacco products.

Fruit Fusion

With VID Fruit Fusion we want to offer a pleasant and good taste, but with the full energy of a strong nicotine bag. Fruity, fresh and with a clear expression in the snus portion. We created VID Fruit Fusion for those customers who have longed for a nicotine bag with full strength, without the mint taking over the flavours completely. If full strength with well-balanced flavours is your goal, then this is the product we can recommend for those who are curious about something new and different.


Arctic Blast

VID Arctic Blast is created for those who want the cool freshness that only mint can give. There is a sweetness behind the explosive mint, but it is the wholeness that is the focus of this product. We have worked with the different shades of mint that offer a clear taste, but at the same time making it difficult to put your finger on its character. What we have focused on, however, is to catch the beauty and strength of the Arctic into a nicotine bag - we hope that it leads your thoughts to a sparkling landscape where permafrost and unconditional cold reign.

Fresh Cola

One of most people's absolute favourite flavours when it comes to sweets, soft drinks or as a foundation for various alcoholic beverages must be a fresh cola taste. We wanted to take this classic to a new level by creating a reasonably sweet, wonderfully fresh and enjoyable, tasty cola aroma for all those of us who really like goodies. This is not a product for those who are looking for the strength and impact that can otherwise be found in our products, but it is for those who want something that is just genuinely tasty.