T45 Cool Mint

T45 Cool Mint is meant to provide the experienced menthol snus user with an everyday product. It conveys a clear long lasting cold, while the flavours have also been created to last a long time. A complexity in the aromas means that you will not get tired of the mint taste, but it is pleasant to use for a longer time.

Pepper Mint kurbits Snus
Green Mint Kurbits Snus

T45 Green Mint

T45 Green Mint focuses on fresh scents and flavours. A generous menthol taste is balanced with both floral scent and fruit flavours in order to combine the hard with the soft. T45 Green mint is classic and at the same time entirely innovative.

T45 Peppermint

T45 Peppermint focuses on the strong taste of peppermint, but also wants to add a round taste of spearmint. As a whole, both strength and softness are found in a snus that can be appreciated by those who want more out of a mint snus than just pure peppermint.

Cool Mint Kurbits
VID T45 Extreme 2

T45 Cold Mint Extreme

This addition to the T45-trio is based on a spearmint and menthol flavour note. A considerate strength and all in all the perfect products for the users whom are used to strong mint products with a high quality nicotine punch.

T45 Cold Mint Extreme is not only giving you the fresh mint and strong nicotine release, it is also giving you a sensation of that cold feeling from a well chilled snus – without restraints in flavour experience that can come with a snus well chilled.  

T45 - A stronger snus experience.

In our snus series that focuses on mint flavours, we have chosen to use a stronger tobacco to add a little more intensity to the feeling and to meet the new generation of snus users with a stronger product and fresher flavours. A well-chosen tobacco blend is combined with pure mint aromas as well as genuine menthol crystals in order to enhance the snus feeling to something extraordinary.